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Jason Harper

Dr Jason Harper is a graduate of the University of Adelaide and the Australian National University.  After positions at the University of Cambridge (as an NHMRC C. J. Martin Postdoctoral Fellow) and the Open University, he was appointed to the academic staff in the School of Chemistry, University of New South Wales in 2002 where he is currently an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School.  His research interests fall broadly in the area of mechanistic and physical organic chemistry with a particular focus on understanding chemical processes in ionic liquids.  He is Editor for the journal Chemical Physics and co-Editor for the serial Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry.  Outside the lab, he tries to keep up with a diverse range of activities ranging from cycling ridiculous distances periodically ('Around the Bay' in Melbourne is a particular favourite) to learning Taiko (Japanese drumming) and Oni Kenbai (Demon Sword Dance) all of which are designed to pretend he isn't now nearly 50 ...

A brief CV can be found at the link below.  For more information, please contact Jason through the submit link at the bottom of these pages.

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